5 Year Limited Warranty


Sauleda SA stands behind the quality products they offer and the Sundown FR is no different. The warranty covers any unusual wear and tear of fabric or color and it is applicable as of the date of the awning   installation.

When does it begin?
  This warranty takes effect from the date of installation.

What document is important to preserve?
  You should have the installers bill of sale. For the manufacturer you should have your original invoice for the fabric.

What does the warranty replace?
 The warranty only includes the replacement of the fabric required to restore the awning.

What does the warranty not cover?
 Any part of the awning other than the fabric manufactured by Sauleda, S.A., such as the iron fittings, mechanisms, hanging  parts, structures, etc.
  The installation of the awning, the assembly and production, installation and maintenance thereof.
 Damage to the fabric due to aging and normal use.
  Damages caused by incorrect installation or incorrect maintenance (abrasive cleaning).
  Particularly, the warranty excludes the following accidents, misuse and negligence:
      • Insufficient maintenance or the use of inadequate products or tools.
      • The incorrect use of detergents, chemicals or solvents, scraping tools or abrasive brushes or any other instruments that          could damage the awning fabric.
      • Abnormal weather conditions.
      • Atmospheric contamination, the use of unsanitary products, dirt from animals and bird droppings.
      • Mistakes due to installation, errors in handling on the part of the user.
      • Objects falling onto the awning, cigarette burns and burns caused by fireworks or similar objects, fire.
      • Placing objects onto the awnings, traffic accidents, vandalism...

How is the warranty enforced:

     -During the first 3 years Sauleda will replace the fabric in full.

     -During the 4th year, once the prior loss appraisals have been made, Sauleda will apply a discount of 50% on the purchase       of new fabric.

     -During the 5th year, once the prior loss appraisals have been made, Sauleda will apply a discount of 25% on the purchase       of new fabric.

The warranty covers the fabric only, no compensation for labor is made.