Sundown 10-YEAR WARRANTY for awning applications
5 YEAR WARRANTY for marine applications

Sauleda has tested the durability of its fabrics and we want to share our experience. After many years, checks and tests performed at prestigious laboratories show that Sauleda fabrics last longer than the number of years indicated in the warranty. However, for your peace of mind we offer a warranty of up to ten years, for awning applications and five years for marine applications, in the case of normal exposure to the sun and to atmospheric agents.

What does the warranty cover?
  The warranty covers any unusual wear and tear of fabric or color and it is applicable as of the date of the awning   installation.

When does it begin?
  This warranty takes effect from the date of installation.

What document is important to preserve?
  You should have the installers bill of sale. For the manufacturer you should have your original invoice for the fabric.

What does the warranty replace?
 The warranty only includes the replacement of the fabric required to restore the awning.

What does the warranty not cover?
 Any part of the awning other than the fabric manufactured by Sauleda, S.A., such as the iron fittings, mechanisms,   hanging parts, structures, etc.
  The installation of the awning, the assembly and production, installation and maintenance thereof.
 Damage to the fabric due to aging and normal use.
  Damages caused by incorrect installation or incorrect maintenance (abrasive cleaning).
  Particularly, the warranty excludes the following accidents, misuse and negligence:
      • Insufficient maintenance or the use of inadequate products or tools.
      • The incorrect use of detergents, chemicals or solvents, scraping tools or abrasive brushes or any other instruments that          could damage the awning fabric.
      • Abnormal weather conditions.
      • Atmospheric contamination, the use of unsanitary products, dirt from animals and bird droppings.
     • Mistakes due to installation, errors in handling on the part of the user.
      • Objects falling onto the awning, cigarette burns and burns caused by fireworks or similar objects, fire.
      • Placing objects onto the awnings, traffic accidents, vandalism...

How is the warranty enforced:
  Sauleda, S.A. will replace the damaged fabric with a new one.
  Sauleda, S.A. declines all liability for the cost of dismantling the old awning and installing the new one.
  For awning applications the warranty is enforced once the necessary loss appraisals have been made, pursuant to the   following terms:
       •During the first 7 years, Sauleda, S.A. will replace damaged fabric with a new one, free of charge or depending on the          circumstances, excluding expenses and without paying the cost of dismantling the old awning or installing the new          one.
 In the event of claims being made in successive years:
       • During the 8th year, once the prior loss appraisals have been made, Sauleda, S.A. will apply a discount of 50% on the            purchase of a new fabric.
       • During the 9th year, once the prior loss appraisals have been made, Sauleda, S.A. will apply a discount of 25% on the            purchase of a new fabric.
       • During the 10th year, once the prior loss appraisals have been made, Sauleda, S.A. will apply a discount of 15% on the            purchase of a new fabric.

For marine applications the warranty is as follows:
  During the first 5 years Sauleda, S.A. shall replace, either for free or according to convenience, the damaged fabric with
  brand new fabric, excluding any and all expenses, and shall not be responsible for the cost involved in labor for making a   new cover or bimini or any hardware associated with it.

How are claims processed?
  Contact Covin Sales and we either have someone sent out to view the material, or we will request photos and a copy of   the invoice and date of installation. We will then contact Sauleda S.A. and handle the claim process with them. In the   event the solution may be to replace the fabric or to reimburse the faulty fabric, this will not imply an extension of the   warranty for the replaced fabric.