We offer dye-sublimation printing on our stock polyester and nylon fabrics. This process uses a special paper that has been printed with a sublimation dye that will transfer onto any polyester fabric and most nylon fabrics with heat. Printing obn polyester is recommended over nylon because the image that is printed will be brighter and sharper, but we can print on nylons as well. We typically print on white base fabric. We offer the following fabrics for this type of printing:

          · Polypolplin
          · 70d polyester interlock
          · 300d polyester with pu coating
          · 600d polyester with pu coating
          · 420d nylon packcloth

If you would like to print on other fabrics that we don't carry, we can do that for you as well. Our minimum for printing is only 100 yards per print. Click here to see our library of available prints.

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