Solution Dyed Polyester

This is great fabric for any outdoor application where you need the added protection of color retention for an extended period, while giving you a virtually waterproof fabric. Applications range from boat covers, barbacue grill covers, patio covers, outdoor furnuiture covers, as well as any other outdoor application you can come up with.

          · 600d solution dyed polyester yarn

        · UV Stabilized for lasting color outdoors

       · Polyurethane coating on back for added protection from the elements

        · 60" width, 60 yard rolls

             See color selection

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Coated Vinyls

     Applications: For the marine industry, most use as reinforcing for boat covers in areas where it may be possible for the      material to rip or puncture. Also use in areas where they need a less expensive tarp or cover.

               · 61" 18oz, 22oz in a variety of colors.
                 (50 yard rolls)
                        See color selection

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Marine Accessories

Marine Binding
· 3/4" and 1" Double Fold Straight Cut Binding
· Available in black, real blue, forest, admiral navy, gray, burgundy and white. More colors to come.

· Poplypropelyene Webbing in 1", 1.5", and 2" widths in black

· HeliosP PTFE Thread
· Available in 3 weights: 150 denier, 200 denier, & 250 denier
· Available in black, white and clear
· Ready made prewound bobbins are also available
· Lifetime warranty
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