Who is Covin Sales and Converting?
In December 1999, Vincent Rosato and Wilfred Martell formed a partnership to bring the many years of experience they have had in the textile industries together. Vincent with extensive background in fabric finishing and lamination, and Wilfred with many years in the converting and sales of fabrics , with background in dyeing and finishing as well as overall converting of fabrics for many specialized applications.

When they started Covin Sales and Converting , they considered how they could incorporate the knowledge that they had acquired over the years in forming a partnership with the mission of providing a wide range of fabrics and services at competitive prices. A one stop shop. They have slowly built the company by bringing in products that are of the highest quality in the industry.

Since they began the company they have seen the industry continue to change. They have seen more and more sophisticated technical fabrics being developed that meet the demands of the ever changing environment and applications in which textiles are used.

As a company they continue working with manufactures of textile products in order to make the products that they carry better than anything that is currently in the market today. They want better and are going to be working with companies that feel the same way. They also continue to work closely with their customers listening to their concerns and their needs. And with this in mind , every year they are adding products to their inventory in order to better service the needs of their valued customers in this amazing and exciting industry that they are happy to be a part of.

Today they are serving many industries and providing fabrics for many end uses, many of which are listed below. They have the ability to laminate fabrics, fire treat fabrics as well as other finishes. In addition, they provide die cutting , sheeting, and slitting. Peruse the website and the links below to see all that Covin Sales and Converting has to offer you.

· bags
· luggage
· backpacks
· various sewn products
· awnings
· boat covers
· bimini tops
· patio umbrellas
· patio furniture
· gazebos
· party tents
· tension structures
· medical devices
· seat covers
· tarps
· bouncers

Covin Sales endeavors to keep up with trends in the various industries they serve. The many associations they are a part of help them to stay abreast of the changing climate in the textile industry. Click the links below to learn more about these various associations.

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