HeliosP PTFE Outdoor Thread
manufactured by Coats

NEW! Helios P - 100% PTFE Sewing thread

Introducing Helios P - manufactured by Coats. Not only do you get a high performance product produced by Coats, but you also get full technical back up and sewing analysis by Coats Techincal Team. Finally a PTFE sewing thread developed by the worlds leading sewing thread manufacturer

The helios range of products is Coats extreme sewing products for extreme applications. Helios P is a new sewing thread for outdoor applications. It is made from 100% PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene). Coats manufactures industry leading brands; Dabond and Ultra-Dee and are synonymous with sewing thread for outdoor use. Being made from PTFE, it is totally inert to attack by sunlight(UV) or chemicals. This product is so durable that Coats guarantees it and will replace any helios P thread which fails in the seam due to UV or chemical attack, and will even pay for the re-stitching costs. HeliosP's chemical
structure has another unique benefit.

Helios P is used where high seam integrity is required for prolonged periods. Three sizes are offered; helios P 1250d for normal seams, helios P 2000d where materials being stitched are either med-heavy or multi layer, and helios P 2400d where materials being stitched are heavy and severe...

In tests at CTC and in customer locations, it has been shown that helios P CLEAR performs better than both Gores Tenara® and Quality Threads SolarFix®. Helios P CLEAR has exceptional sewing performance for this type of product. Helios P CLEAR sewing has been likened to using bonded polyester. Helio s P also has extremely good abrasion resistance. What does this all mean? Perhaps bonded polyester is currently used for its sewing performance but what is needed for end use performance is a PTFE product. Helios P can be used almost anywhere you currently use bonded polyester with little reduction in sewing performance - with all the additional benefits of guaranteed durability against natures’ elements. Helios P has been designed with strength in mind. It is the strongest PTFE sewing thread made to date meaning that lighter sizes can be used to reduce overall cost.

Sews through plexiglass & polycarbonate without strength loss!!!

Performance Characteristics
- Totally inert against chemical attack (Guaranteed)
- Totally resistant to degradation by UV (Guaranteed)
- High tenacity
- Coats own special sewing lubricant for improved lubricity
- Sewing performance akin to polyester
- Excellent abrasion resistance

End uses:
Where maximum performance and durability
is required in:
Boat tops
Boat Canopies
Boat seats
Marine Applications
Outdoor Geotextile Structures
Outdoor Furniture
Outdoor Shades